Chart Module for NaviServer 3.x, 4.x
Release 0.9.6

This is NaviServer module that implements interface to ChartDirector


Compiling and Installing

To compile this driver, you'll need to have ChartDirector library installed,
current Makefile assumes that it is installed in /usr/local/chartdir.
NaviServer can be installed or source distribution may be used.
There is variable CDFLAGS and CDLIBS in the Makefile which points to 
installation/dustribution directory.

Copy of ChartDirector for Linux is also can be downloaded from


ns_section      ns/server/${server}/module/nschartdir
ns_param        idle_timeout    600
ns_param	gc_interval	600

idle_timeout is in seconds, it defines inactivity period after which
sessions will be closed by garbage collector which is called every
gc_interval seconds.


webimage.tcl file can be used as an example of dynamic image 
generation in the web page, other examples generate images into files.


In order to run scripts from test subdirectory, nscp shell can be used,
there is no path defined in the scripts, so all *.png files from test
directory should be copied to NaviServer home or edited to reflect actual
location, library assumes current directory for all included files.


     Vlad Seryakov