This is the nsdbimy database driver. It connects a MySQL database
to a NaviServer web server using the nsdbi interface.

It provides no new commands. See nsdbi.n for database command details.

See sample-config.tcl for setup details.

* Embedded Server

To build the embedded server, you need to configure mysql with
the --enable-embedded-server option. This creates the libmysqld.a

You need to build nsdbimy with the EMBED=1 option:

  $ make NAVISERVER=/path/to/naviserver \
      MYSQL_CONFIG=/path/to/mysql/bin/mysql_config \

You need to create a data directory for the database files:

  $ mkdir /srv/
  $ /path/to/mysql/bin/mysql_install_db --basedir=/path/to/mysql \

And you need to tell the embedded server code how to find the data
directory. In one of the my.cnf files, e.g. the .my.cnf in the home
directory of the user who runs the naviserver, add the following:


In the naviserver configuration file, you can specify one or more
pools to use the embedded server code with the "embed true" option.
You should also set "maxhandles" to 0 so that each thread can access
the database without locking.

  ns_section "ns/server/server1/modules"
  ns_param   embedded
  ns_param   dbserver

  ns_section "ns/server/server1/module/embedded"
  ns_param   embed        true
  ns_param   maxhandles   0
  ns_param   database     mysql

  ns_section "ns/server/server1/module/dbserver"
  ns_param   embed        false
  ns_param   maxhandles   20
  ns_param   database     mysql