MySQL database driver for NaviServer 4.x
Release 0.9

This is NaviServer module for database driver to access 
MySQL databases(

The driver is based on nsmysql from Aolserver 4.5 by 
Dossy Shiobara <>


Compiling and Installing

To compile this driver, you'll need to have MySQL installed.
By default /usr/include/mysql is used for headers, if mysql was installed
in other place, change Makefile to reflect that


ns_section      "ns/db/drivers"
ns_param        mysql         

ns_section      "ns/db/pools"
ns_param        mysql                   "Mysql"

ns_section      "ns/db/pool/mysql"
ns_param        driver                  mysql
ns_param        connections             10
ns_param        user                    mysql
ns_param        password                passwd
ns_param        datasource              host:3306:database_name
ns_param        verbose                 off
     Dossy Shiobara
     Vlad Seryakov