FreeTDS database driver for NaviServer 4.x
Release 0.5

This is NaviServer module that database driver to access 
Sybase/MS SQL servers via FreeTDS(


Compiling and Installing

To compile this driver, you'll need to have FreeTDS installed.


ns_section      "ns/db/drivers"
ns_param        nsfreetds      

ns_section      "ns/db/pools"
ns_param        nsfreetds                "FreeTDS"

ns_section      "ns/db/pool/nsfreetds"
ns_param        driver                  freetds
ns_param        connections             10
ns_param        user                    user
ns_param        password                passwd
ns_param        datasource              SQLServer
ns_param        verbose                 Off
ns_param        logsqlerrors            On
ns_param        maxidle                 31536000

To access SQLServer datasource, FreeTDS requires entryu in freetds.conf
which is located in /usr/local/etc or /usr/local/fretds/etc.

        host =
        port = 1433
        tds version = 7.0
        dump file = /tmp/freetds.log
        debug level = 0
     Vlad Seryakov