RTSP streaming server for NaviServer 4.x
Release 1.0

This is NaviServer module that implements RTSP streaming server using
liveMedia streaming library.




   ns_section    ns/servers/server/modules
   ns_param      nsrtsp

   ns_section    ns/servers/server/module/nsrtsp
   ns_param      port           554
   ns_param      threads        1
   ns_param      path           /opt/Movies
   ns_param      path           /opt/Music

threads - number of streaming threads to start, makes sense
          if number of CPUs more than one. Each thread will listen
          on different port

port    - specifies port to listen for RTSP requests, in
          case when more than 1 thread is started, each subsequent 
          thread will listen on the next port

path    - one or more paths with media to stream

To play with VLC

  vlc rtsp://localhost:8544/fileName.mpg


     Vlad Seryakov