SIP Proxy Module for NaviServer 4.x                                                                     
Release 0.1                                                                                                                                                          
This is NaviServer module that implements SIP proxy.                              
It is based on GNU oSIP stack from
It allows to use NaviServer as SIP proxy with dynamic rules and routing,
all routes can be refreshed/updates at any time without server restart.

For each client which is remote peer/gateway, number of SIP routes are defined
and the best route is returned and SIP request is proxied to that destination.


Compiling and Installing

To compile this driver, you'll need to have oSIP library compiled
and installed.


ns_section      "ns/server/${server}/module/nssip"
ns_param        rcvbuf                  260000
ns_param        threads                 8
ns_param        debug                   0
ns_param	address
ns_param	port			5060
ns_param	proxy_address


 rcvbuf        - size of the socket receive buffer
 threads       - how many worker threads to pre-spawn
 debug         - if greater than zero, log debugging info
 address       - listen address for UDP SIP requests
 port          - port to listen UDSP SIP requests
 proxy_address - address of default SIP proxy, not found requests
                 will be proxied to that address

There is ns_sip command available to create manipulate SIP routes.
  ns_sip usage:

     ns_sip clientlink clientip1 clientip2
       Links one client to anopther so their share their routes

     ns_sip clientclear clientip ...
       Clears all routes for this client from the memory

     ns_sip clientlist
      Returns a list of all clients
     ns_sip routeadd clientip phone proxy[:port][#prefix][?t] phone proxy ...
      Adds new route to the client

       ns_sip routeadd 1703 ""
       ns_sip routeadd 1703 ""
       ns_sip routeadd 1703 ""

     ns_sip routedel clientip phone
       Deletes route from the client

     ns_sip routefind clientip phone
       Returns proxy for the given client and phone number


     Vlad Seryakov