Statistics Module for NaviServer 4.99.16
Release 1.6

Nsstats is a small pure Tcl module for NaviServer to report several
statistics about the liveliness off you naviserver installation. In
particular, nsstats provides information about e.g.
  - cache usage
  - configuration parameters
  - mutex lock statistics
  - nsv lock statistics
  - runtime statistics from the virtual server(s) and pool(s)
  - scheduled procedures
  - threads
  - driver usage
  - web-access to 
    * configuration file
    * last entries from error.log

Changes since 1.0

  - actual configuration parameters
  - per-server and per-pool information in process statistics
  - queueing and spooling statistics
  - queuing time/filter time runtime per pool
  - more detailed cache statistics (e.g. saved times)
  - access to configuration file 
  - max wait, total wait, total lock time, avg lock time
  - nsv locks (mapping from variable names to buckets and locks)
  - threads: added user time, system times, processor number and state
    (Linux only)
  - added log statistics
  - added Page for showing/toggling log levels
  - added Page for showing urls mapped to connection threads pools
  - added information about drivers (threads, stats)
  - format values in human readable form



   To use it, set enabled to 1 and drop it somewhere under naviserver
   pageroot which is usually /usr/local/ns/pages and point browser to it.


   Look at the top of nsstats.tcl for these variables:

   set enabled 0

      By default it is disabled, if set to 1 this pages can be accessed to see 
      runtime statistics
   set user ""
   set password ""

      By default it will not ask for username and password but if needed, set it with
      non-empty values and browser will ask for password
     Vlad Seryakov
     Gustaf Neumann