Statistics Module for NaviServer 4.99.17
Release 1.8

Nsstats is a small pure Tcl module for NaviServer to report several
statistics about the liveliness off you naviserver installation. In
particular, nsstats provides information about e.g.
  - cache usage
  - configuration parameters
  - mutex lock statistics
  - nsv lock statistics
  - runtime statistics from the virtual server(s) and pool(s)
  - scheduled procedures
  - threads
  - driver usage
  - web-access to 
    * configuration file
    * last entries from error.log

Changes since 1.0

  - actual configuration parameters
  - per-server and per-pool information in process statistics
  - queueing and spooling statistics
  - queuing time/filter time runtime per pool
  - more detailed cache statistics (e.g. saved times)
  - access to configuration file 
  - max wait, total wait, total lock time, avg lock time
  - nsv locks (mapping from variable names to buckets and locks)
  - threads: added user time, system times, processor number and state
    (Linux only)
  - added log statistics
  - added page for showing/toggling log levels
  - added page for showing URLs mapped to connection threads pools
  - added information about drivers (threads, stats)
  - format values in human readable form
  - extended cache and mutex statistics



   To use it, set enabled to 1 and drop it somewhere under naviserver
   pageroot which is usually /usr/local/ns/pages and point browser to it.
   On OpenACS, place it e.g. under acs-subsite/www/admin/nsstats.tcl
   to have it accessible from all subsites.


   The nststats module can be configured by the following variables,
   which can be configured in the NaviServer config file.

       ns_section "ns/module/nsstats"
       ns_param enabled  1
       ns_param user     ""
       ns_param password ""    
       ns_param bglocks  {oacs:sched_procs}

   These variables have the following meanings:

   * enabled (boolean value, default 1)

      Enable/disable the nsstats module for this nsd
   * user (string, default "")
   * password (string, default "")

      Set user and password for the nsstats modules.  By default it
      will not ask for username and password but if needed, set it
      with non-empty values and browser will ask for password.

   * bglocks (list, default "")

      The "Mutex Locks" statistics list mutexes and in relation to
      page requests. When a site has application specific locks used
      predominantly in background processing, then the putting these
      in relation with requests makes no much sense. One example for
      such a lock is the "oacs:sched_procs" lock in OpenACS
     Vlad Seryakov
     Gustaf Neumann