TFTP server for NaviServer 4.x
Release 1.0

This is NaviServer module that implements TFTP server


   ns_section    ns/server/servername/modules
   ns_param      nsudp
   ns_section    ns/server/servername/module/nstftpd
   ns_param      address
   ns_param      port       	80
   ns_param      debug      	0
   ns_param      timeout    	5
   ns_param      blksize    	512
   ns_param      retries    	1
   ns_param      rootpath   	/tftpboot
   ns_param	 drivermode	off
   ns_param      proc           tftp::server

   If drivemode is true, tftp server will use connection threads and will
   comply to all naviserver driver rules. Otherwise it will create thread 
   for each request without any restrictions.

   proc is Tcl proc whic is called just before requested file will be opened and
   it can return new file name instead of original.
   Format is:
   proc tftpproc { file ipaddr } {
   ns_tftp ?-write? ?-timeout N? ?-blksize size? ipaddr port filename
      ns_tftp read 69 file.txt
     Vlad Seryakov