ZLib Module for NaviServer 3.x/4.0
Release 1.1

This is NaviServer module that implements Zlib interface.
Allows compressing/uncompressing Tcl strings as well as gzip file support.


Compiling and Installing

To compile this driver, you'll need to have zlib library compiled 
and installed, for RedHat systems zlib-devel package should be installed.


 nszlib.c -- Zlib API module

  ns_zlib usage:

    ns_zlib compress data
      Returns compressed string (zlib-format compressed binary data)

    ns_zlib deflate data
      Returns deflated string (raw compressed binary data)

    ns_zlib uncompress data
       Uncompresses previously compressed string

    ns_zlib inflate data
       Uncompresses previously deflated string
    ns_zlib gzip data
      Returns compressed string in gzip format, string can be saved in
      a file with extension .gz and gzip will be able to uncompress it
    ns_zlib gzipfile file
      Compresses the specified file, creating a file with the
      same name but a .gz suffix appened
    ns_zlib gunzip file
       Uncompresses gzip file and returns text
     Vlad Seryakov
     Gustaf Neumann