Allow to choose "Run Project" action

Issue #13 wontfix
Geronimo Oñativia
created an issue

The "Run Project" action, runs a debug build and installs in default connected emulator/device.

I usually use some custom Ant tasks that
-build in release mode
-Find all connected devices
-Install the signed apk in all connected devices
-Find the main activity on manifest
-Run the main activity in all connected devices

It would come handy to set in Netbeans NBAndroid settings the Ant task to execute when pressing "Run project"

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  1. Radim Kubacki

    The best what I can offer now is possibility to add a shortcut/menu/toolbar item for an Ant task: select build.xml file or open it in editor, open navigator, select target and 'add shortcut' from its context menu and then go through miniwizard.

    Long term I am not going to implement new features like this for Ant based project (Gradle is the future build system). At least until there is some convincing argument.

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