Netbeans nbandroid does not detect/use attached Android device

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John Wyatt
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I'm asking this question here because i'm not sure where else to ask. Eclipse on Ubuntu 14.04 supports my Nexus 2012 USB out of the box. What steps do I need to take to get Netbeans to send my app to the attached Android device?

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  1. John Wyatt reporter

    Cool to know, for this issue I will continue it on bitbucket.

    I did both. It shows up as a device under the services tab. Netbeans is still sending the app to my emulator instead of to my Nexus. What kind of log file are you looking for? It's been a while since I used Netbeans.

  2. Radim Kubacki

    Check your project settings: right click on project node, Properties, go to Run tab. Manual mode without selection should always ask. Automatic deploys without asking if there is just one device matching API level. The logic may need some improvement.

    Re log file: it is described in a linked Wiki page.

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