Clean android-sdk installation -> sdk directory not set

Issue #39 wontfix
Sławek Mikuła
created an issue

When one download clean android-sdk archive and does not download anything above that (platform tools, platforms etc.) there is no possibility to start Android Manager from Netbeans. Steps: - download clean android sdk distribution, unpack - start netbeans - select proper sdk directory location in Options -> Miscellaneous -> Android and accept it - choose tools -> Android SDK Manager

Dialog pops up with information, that there is no Android SDK directory set.

When I download (through Android SDK Manager) platform and build tools the bug dissapears.

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  1. Radim Kubacki

    Frankly, I will probably not fix that. Perhaps a note to a documentation but this is bootstraping that has to be done one or the other way to get SDK into usable state.

  2. Sławek Mikuła reporter

    Hmm, I disagree. What I wanted to say with this report is that: - I download the android SDK from android website - I extract it to some directory - I am a beginner and i don't know what should i do next - I start Netbeans and select proper SDK directory in options

    In this state i cannot start android manager from inside netbeans (even when everything is set up correctly in sdk directory). I had to run android manager outside IDE and next everything works as expected.

    Of course everything else (building, compiling etc.) is explainable with your comment. But running android sdk manager should be available in clean SDK state.

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