Feature Request: To be able to mute "spam" logcat messages

Issue #49 resolved
Carl Henrik Janson
created an issue

It should be possible to enter regex messages via the NB logcat filter window and as a filter. These are message like this:


With this message, now these 3 tags are not shown. (Thank God!)

These type of inverse filters may be entered in the logCat window of the Android Debug Monitor, but not in its "mirror" in NetBeans.

These type of inverse filters are vital to have for the case that you experience exceptions or other artefacts in e.g. third party libraries including in your build. Such exceptions may “drown” in the cacophony of spam message that amateur developers around the world (for example LG) has forgotten to remove prior to launching their product. In my case it is the LG G2 producing a constant “spam stream” from the above TAGs.