NBandroid does not recognize java library project dependencies

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I have a big Gradle project with many subprojects, some of them are java libraries, some of them are Android apps. In android app's build.gradle, i have:

dependencies { //... compile project(':src:libraries:foobar-library') //... }

Where foobar-library's build.gradle uses the java plugin instead of android.

The project builds with Gradle, Android Studio recognizes the dependency, everything but Netbeans recognizes foobar-library as a dependency of my app. Netbeans editor displays errors that say it can't find the classes that are contained in foobar-library.

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  1. Radim Kubacki

    Sorry, there can be lack of responses to this. This is supposed to work. OTOH this project is not maintained for a while and some features can be broken now (due to various updates to NetBeans/JDK/Android Tools) or there can be bugs.

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