ZyX_I committed 0762e03

Fixed bitbucket git support (still untested)

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 unlet s:dport
 let s:hypsites=[
 \['domain is? "" && protocol[:2] is? "git"',
-\ map(copy(s:bbdict), 'substitute(v:val, "\\Vcs.hex", s:gb, "")')],
+\ map(copy(s:bbdict), '(v:key is# "push" || v:key is# "clone")? '.
+\                           '("\"git+".v:val[1:]):'.
+\                           '(substitute(v:val, "\\Vcs.hex", s:gb, ""))')],
 \['domain is? ""', s:bbdict],
 \['domain is? ""',
 \ {     'html': '"https://".domain."/".'.s:ghpath.'."/blob/".'.s:gb.'."/".file',   'hline': '"L".line',
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