ZyX_I committed 184f692

@%aurum/drivers/bazaar: Fixed rf-label() (tagging revision did not work)
tests: Added rf-branch() and rf-label() subtests to drivers-bazaar test

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     if a:rev is 0
         let kwargs.delete=1
-        let kwargs.revision+=[''.a:rev]
+        let kwargs.revision=''.a:rev
     return s:F.bzrm(a:repo, a:type, args, kwargs, 0,
                 \   'labelf', a:type, a:label, a:rev)

Binary file modified.


         let g:r+=['  - '.key]+map(copy(files), '"     ".v:val')
-cd bzrtestrepo/A
-let Arepo=aurum#repository()
-cd -
+let g:aurum_repocachetime=0
+for R in ['A', 'B', 'C']
+    cd `="bzrtestrepo/".R`
+    let {R}repo=aurum#repository()
+    cd -
+unlet R
+unlet g:aurum_repocachetime
 call FormatRepository(Arepo)
 let Acs=Arepo.functions.getwork(Arepo)
 call FormatCS(Arepo, Acs)
 call FormatStatus(Arepo.functions.status(Arepo, 0,   '5', 0,             1, 1))
 call FormatStatus(Arepo.functions.status(Arepo, '5', '4', 0,             1, 1))
 call FormatStatus(Arepo.functions.status(Arepo, '4', 0,   ['lines.lst'], 1, 1))
-cd bzrtestrepo/B
-let Brepo=aurum#repository()
-cd -
 call FormatStatus(Brepo.functions.status(Brepo, 0, 0, 0, 1, 1))
 call Brepo.functions.commit(Brepo, 'Added added, modified and unknown',
             \                      ['added', 'modified', 'unknown'],
 call Brepo.functions.commit(Brepo, "Multiline\ncommit\ncomment")
 call FormatCS(Brepo, Brepo.functions.getwork(Brepo), ['hex', 'time', 'user',
             \                                         'parents'])
+call Brepo.functions.branch(Brepo, 'B-mod', 0)
+call Brepo.functions.label(Brepo, 'tag', 'seventh', '7', 0, 0)
+call Brepo.functions.label(Brepo, 'tag', '--force', '7', 1, 0)
+call Brepo.functions.label(Brepo, 'tag', 'rev-4',   0,   0, 0)
+call FormatRepository(Brepo)
+call FormatCS(Brepo, Brepo.functions.getcs(Brepo, '7'))
 call WriteFile(r)
 source addEmessages.vim
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