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@aurum/log: Now supporting more complex commands in :AuLog procinput (untested)

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   - Viewing working directory status ([:AuStatus](
   - Commiting changes ([:AuCommit](, commit messages are remembered in case of 
-    rollback ([g:aurum_remembermsg](
+    rollback ([g:aurum_remembermsg](
   - Obtaining various URL’s out of remote repository URL (like URL of the HTML 
     version of the current file with URL fragment pointing to the current line 
           character commands. There is a hack though that allows you to bypass 
           this problem:
             Input    Action ~
-            g, z     Waits until you input next character
-            /, ?, :  Waits until you type <CR> ("\r" or "\n") or <Esc>
+            g, z, y, `, ', m, [, ], @, q, Z
+                     Waits until you type next character
+            /, ?, :, !
+                     Waits until you type <CR> ("\r" or "\n") or <Esc>
             1-9      Waits until you type next non-digit
+            "        Waits until you type two characters
 recheight                                                  *g:aurum_recheight*
     VimL |expression| that evaluates to unsigned integer or unsigned integer. 


         if (skipped && !a:d.allowskip) || a:d.skipuntil isnot 0
-        elseif char is# 'g' || char is# 'z'
+        elseif stridx('gzy''`m[]@qZ', char)!=-1
             let a:d.skipuntil='len(a:d.input)>='.(len(a:d.input)+1)
             let a:d.allowskip=0
+        elseif char is# '"'
+            let a:d.skipuntil='len(a:d.input)>='.(len(a:d.input)+2)
+            let a:d.allowskip=1
         elseif stridx('123456789', char)!=-1
             let a:d.skipuntil='a:d.input['.len(a:d.input).':]=~#"\\D"'
             let a:d.allowskip=1
-        elseif stridx('/?:', char)!=-1
+        elseif stridx('/?:!', char)!=-1
             let a:d.skipuntil=
                         \'match(a:d.input, "[\n\r\e]", '.len(a:d.input).')!=-1'
             let a:d.allowskip=0