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@aurum/log: Added support for custom mappings to procinput

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File README.markdown

   - Viewing working directory status ([:AuStatus](
   - Commiting changes ([:AuCommit](, commit messages are remembered in case of 
-    rollback ([g:aurum_remembermsg](
+    rollback ([g:aurum_remembermsg](
   - Obtaining various URL’s out of remote repository URL (like URL of the HTML 
     version of the current file with URL fragment pointing to the current line 

File doc/aurum.txt

                      Waits until you type <CR> ("\r" or "\n") or <Esc>
             1-9      Waits until you type next non-digit
             "        Waits until you type two characters
+            Part of {lhs} (|mapcheck()| returns non-empty for given character)
+                     Waits until |maparg()| also returns non-empty string, 
+                     |mapcheck()| returns empty string or 'timeoutlen' 
+                     milliseconds passed (latter only if 'timeout' is set and 
+                     vim is compiled with |+float| and |+reltime| features).
 loglimit                                                    *g:aurum_loglimit*
     Natural number or 0. Determines, how many revisions should be shown by 

File plugin/aurum/log.vim

             let a:d.skipuntil=
                         \'match(a:d.input, "[\n\r\e]", '.len(a:d.input).')!=-1'
             let a:d.allowskip=0
+        elseif !empty(mapcheck(char, 'n'))
+            let a:d.skipuntil='!empty(maparg(a:d.input, "n")) || '.
+                        \     'empty(mapcheck(a:d.input))'.
+                        \     ((has('float') && has('reltime') && &timeout)?
+                        \           (' || str2float(reltimestr('.
+                        \               'reltime('.string(reltime()).')))*1000'.
+                        \                                      '>'.&timeoutlen):
+                        \           (''))
+            let a:d.allowskip=0
     if !empty(a:d.input) && (a:d.skipuntil is 0 || eval(a:d.skipuntil))