ZyX_I avatar ZyX_I committed 65a1c15

@%aurum/log: Made checker not remove renamed and then changed files. Fixes #48

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         let function+=map(['cs', 'tc'], '"    let ".v:val."files=[]"')
         let function+=['    let self.csfiles[a:cs.hex]=csfiles']
         let function+=['    if has_key(self.tocheck,a:cs.hex)',
-                    \  '        let tc=self.tocheck[a:cs.hex]',
+                    \  '        let tc=remove(self.tocheck, a:cs.hex)',
                     \  '        call filter(changes, '.
                     \                      '"(index(tc, v:val)==-1)?'.
                     \                         '(1):'.
                     \                         '([0, add(csfiles, v:val)][0])")',
-                    \  '        call filter(tc, "index(csfiles, v:val)==-1")',
                     \  '        if !empty(tc)',
                     \ '            let allfiles=self.repo.functions.getcsprop('.
                     \                            'self.repo, a:cs, "allfiles")',
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