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     let curwinh=winheight(curwin)
     let curwinw=winwidth(curwin)
     let r=0
-    let vertical=(stridx(&diffopt, 'vertical')!=-1)
+    let vertical=(stridx(&diffopt, 'horizontal')==-1)
     for wc in vertical ? ['l', 'h'] : ['j', 'k']
         execute 'wincmd' wc
         if winnr()!=curwin && ((vertical)?(winheight(0)==curwinh):


+:set diffopt+=horizontal
 :R silent edit nohglinesrev.lst
 :let g:aurum_vimdiffusewin=0
 :wincmd p
-:set diffopt+=vertical
+:set diffopt-=horizontal


 :let g:aurum_vimdiffusewin=1
 :set hidden
 :set splitright
-:set diffopt+=vertical
 :R edit   emerged.lst
 :R vsplit ablines.lst
 :wincmd p
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