ZyX_I committed 85d8326

@%aurum/maputils: Added tlib#input#List support. Ref #67

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                 \                               'pvargs': a:pvargs})
     call fuf#launch('aurum', '', 0)
+"▶2 tlib
+let s:F.listplugs.tlib={}
+function s:F.listplugs.tlib.init()
+    try
+        runtime autoload/tlib/input.vim
+        return exists('*tlib#input#List')
+    catch
+        return 0
+    endtry
+function, cbargs, pvargs)
+    let file=tlib#input#List('s', 'Select changeset file', a:files)
+    if empty(file)
+        return 0
+    endif
+    return call(a:cbargs[0], [file]+a:cbargs[1:], {})
 "▶1 promptuser
 function s:r.promptuser(files, cbargs, pvargs)
     if s:plug is 0
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