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@%aurum/drivers/subversion: Added :AuOther incoming support

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             \           'of unified context, not requested %u',
             \ 'iediff': 'Diff parser error: expected at least one more line '.
             \           'after “====<…>====” separator line',
+            \ 'punimp': 'Cannot “pull” from non-default location',
+            \'pulnimp': 'Cannot pull: use update instead',
 let s:svn={}
 let s:iterfuncs={}
     call s:_f.throw('nocfg', a:prop, a:repo.path)
+"▶1 svn.pull :: repo, dryrun, force[, URL[, rev]]
+function s:svn.pull(repo, dryrun, force, ...)
+    if a:0>=1 && a:1 isnot 0
+        call s:_f.throw('punimp')
+    endif
+    if a:dryrun
+        return s:F.svnm(a:repo, 'log', [], {'revision': 'HEAD:BASE'}, 0)
+    else
+        call s:_f.throw('pulnimp')
+    endif
 "▶1 svn.repo :: path → repo
 function s:svn.repo(path)
     let repo={'path': a:path, 'changesets': {}, 'mutable': {'cslist': []},
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