ZyX_I committed a8f8726

@%aurum/drivers/bazaar: Fixed clean files listing
Added renames support (renamed files now appear as
added(new name)+removed(old name) as in mercurial)
tests: More extensive rf-status() testing

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                 \                     'has_key(statdict, v:key)'))
         let r[skey]+=statdict[sdkey]
+    let renames=s:F.getrenames(statdict)
+    call filter(r.modified, '!has_key(renames, v:val)')
+    let r.added+=sort(keys(renames))
+    let r.removed+=sort(values(renames))
     if a:0>1 && a:1 is 0 && a:2 isnot 0
         let [r.deleted, r.unknown]=[r.unknown, r.deleted]
         let [r.added,   r.removed]=[r.removed, r.added  ]
         if !empty(a:3)
             let allfiles=filter(allfiles, 'index(a:3, v:val)!=-1')
-        let files=r.added+r.removed+r.unknown+r.deleted
+        let files=r.modified+r.added+r.removed+r.deleted+r.unknown
         let r.clean=filter(allfiles, 'index(files, v:val)==-1')
     return r
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