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@%aurum/drivers/mercurial: Fixed updating in non-python version of mercurial driver

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     return [cs, line]
 "▶2 getcslist :: repo, start, end
-function s:F.getcslist(repo, start, end)
+function s:F.getcslist(repo, start)
     let kwargs={'style': s:stylefile}
     let lines=s:F.hg(a:repo, 'log', [],
-                \    extend({'rev': a:start.':'.a:end}, kwargs), 0, 'log')[:-2]
+                \    extend({'rev': a:start.':-1'}, kwargs), 0, 'log')[:-2]
     let css=[]
     if has_key(a:repo.changesets, s:nullrev)
         let cs0=a:repo.changesets[s:nullrev]
         let r.startrev=startrev
         if cschange
-            let r.css=s:F.getcslist(a:repo, startrev, -1)
+            let r.css=s:F.getcslist(a:repo, startrev)
             let r.css=[]
         if a:repo.hasphases && startrev
             let r.phases=map(s:F.hg(a:repo, 'phase', [],
-                        \           {'rev': '0:'.(startrev-1)}, 0),
+                        \           {'rev': '0:'.(cschange?(startrev-1):-1)},
+                        \           0)[:-2],
                         \           'v:val[stridx(v:val, " ")+1:]')
         let a:repo.csnum=startrev+len(r.css)
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