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tests: Added more subversion rf-status tests

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File doc/aurum.txt

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 |aurum-cs.branch| always contains string "default".
 |aurum-cs.rev| and |aurum-cs.hex| have the same value, though second one is 
     a string.
-|aurum-cs.renames| and |aurum-cs.copies| are always empty.
 |aurum-cs.time| is always 0 if “date” programm from coreutils is missing.
 |aurum-cs.hex| contains the stringified value of |aurum-cs.rev| and thus is 
     not fixed-length.

File test/drivers-subversion.in

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 :Run! AuLog ./svntestrepo/ stat patch showfiles showrenames showcopies
 :W{{{1 Status: current
+:R call writefile(['Unknown file contents'], 'unknown-file')
+:R call writefile(['New file contents'], 'new-file')
+:AuTrack ./svntestrepo/new-file
+:R call delete('file-under-svn-control')
+:AuJunk ./svntestrepo/def
+:AuJunk ignore ./svntestrepo/ghi
+:Run AuStatus
+:R call writefile(['Zero line'], 'file-under-svn-control')
 :W{{{1 Status: relative to other (1)
+:Run AuStatus rev 3
 :W{{{1 Status: relative to other (2)
+:Run AuStatus wdrev 3
 :W{{{1 Status: between two revisions
+:R !svn revert -R .
 :Run! AuStatus ./svntestrepo/ rev HEAD wdrev 2
 :W{{{1 Commit
 :write! ./svntestrepo/ignoredfile2.vim
 :W{{{2 Status before junk
 :Run! AuStatus ./svntestrepo/
 :AuJunk ignore ./svntestrepo/subdir/file.vim
 :AuJunk ignoreglob ./svntestrepo/ignored*
 :W{{{2 Status after junk
 :Run! AuStatus ./svntestrepo/

File test/drivers-subversion.ok

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    @ Added file-under-svn-control
 {{{1 Status: current
+A new-file
+! file-under-svn-control
+M .
+R def
+? unknown-file
 {{{1 Status: relative to other (1)
+A ghi
+A mno
+A subdir2/stu
+A subdir/pqr
+A new-file
+M file-under-svn-control
 {{{1 Status: relative to other (2)
+M file-under-svn-control
+R ghi
+R mno
+R subdir2/stu
+R subdir/pqr
+R new-file
 {{{1 Status: between two revisions
 M file-under-svn-control
 R ghi
 {{{2 Status before junk
 ? ignoredfile.vim
 ? ignoredfile2.vim
+? new-file
 ? file.vim
+? unknown-file
 ? subdir/file.vim
 {{{2 Status after junk
 M .
 M subdir
+? new-file
 ? file.vim
+? unknown-file