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Make `ipython-completing-read-symbol-cache' a cons pair.

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File sage-mode.el

 This recurses down the directory tree as long as there are
 files there, signalling that we are inside a package.
-Returns a list of two elements.  The first is the top level package
-directory; the second is the dotted Python module name.
+Returns a pair (PACKAGE . MODULE).  The first is the top level
+package directory; the second is the dotted Python module name.
 Adapted from a patch posted to the python-mode trac."
   (let ((rec #'(lambda (d f)
 Each completion should appear separated by whitespace.")
 (defvar ipython-completing-read-symbol-cache ()
-  "A list (last-queried-string string-completions).")
 (defun ipython-completing-read-symbol-clear-cache ()
   "Clear the IPython completing read cache."
   "A `completing-read' programmable completion function for querying IPython.
 See `try-completion' and `all-completions' for interface details."
-  (let ((cached-string (first ipython-completing-read-symbol-cache))
-	(completions (second ipython-completing-read-symbol-cache)))
+  (let ((cached-string (car ipython-completing-read-symbol-cache))
+	(completions (cdr ipython-completing-read-symbol-cache)))
     ;; Recompute table using IPython if neccessary
     (when (or (null completions)
 	      (not (equal string cached-string)))
       (setq ipython-completing-read-symbol-cache
-	    (list string (ipython-completing-read-symbol-make-completions string)))
-      (setq completions (second ipython-completing-read-symbol-cache)))
+	    (cons string (ipython-completing-read-symbol-make-completions string)))
+      (setq completions
+	    (cdr ipython-completing-read-symbol-cache)))
     ;; Complete as necessary
-    (if action
-	(let ((all (all-completions string completions predicate)))
-	  (if (eq action 'lambda)
-	      (test-completion string completions) ; action is lambda
-	    all))				   ; action is t
-      (try-completion string completions predicate)))) ; action is nil
+    (cond 
+      ((eq action 'lambda) (test-completion string completions)) ; 'lambda
+      (action (all-completions string completions predicate))	 ; t
+      (t (try-completion string completions predicate)))))	 ; nil
 (defun ipython-completing-read-symbol
   (&optional prompt def require-match predicate)