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General start-up steps:

  1. After downloading the repository, open Matlab (R2011a or later; tested on R2014b).

  2. Navigate to the 'codev' directory (this will ensure it is in your workspace).

One-time installation steps:

  1. In the command window, type install_mpt3 and follow the prompts to install MPT3. If there are any issues, consult:
  2. Check MPT options by typing mptopt. If they are different from what I have used here, then set up your default options by following the instructions here.

alt text

To run the CODEV tool:

  1. Make sure the desired input file is in the 'codev'-directory. For this example, we use the input file named 'inCruise.m'.

  2. In the command window, type: [reachtube,safeFlag,T] = verifyMPC(@inCruise);

  3. The results will be saved to the variables 'reachtube', 'safeFlag', and 'T'. If the system is robustly safe, 'safeFlag=1' and the 'reachtube' will have length(T) elements corresponding with the timestamps in 'T'. Otherwise, 'safeFlag=0' and 'reachtube' will be an empty object.

  4. Reachtube results can be plotted with the following commands:

    • A single dimension (i) vs time: plotReachVsTime(reachtube,i,T)
    • Two dimensions (i,j): plotReachVsTime(reachtube,[i,j],T)
    • Two dimensions (i,j): plot(reachtube.projection([i,j]))