1. Nick Coghlan
  2. contextlib2


Latest Docs https://codeship.com/projects/884e9500-3d1a-0133-3eb0-1abe7f570a4c/status?branch=default https://codecov.io/bitbucket/ncoghlan/contextlib2/coverage.svg?branch=default

contextlib2 is a backport of the standard library's contextlib module to earlier Python versions.

It also serves as a real world proving ground for possible future enhancements to the standard library version.


contextlib2 currently has no dependencies.

Local testing is currently just a matter of running python test_contextlib2.py.

You can test against multiple versions of Python with tox:

pip install tox

Versions currently tested in tox are:

  • CPython 2.7 (also tested in Codeship)
  • CPython 3.4 (also tested in Codeship)
  • CPython 3.5
  • PyPy
  • PyPy3

To install all the relevant runtimes on Fedora 23:

sudo dnf install python python3 pypy pypy3
sudo dnf copr enable -y mstuchli/Python3.5
sudo dnf install python35-python3