cpython_sandbox / Modules / _ctypes / libffi / testsuite / libffi.call / cls_ushort_va.c

/* Area:	closure_call
   Purpose:	Test anonymous unsigned short argument.
   Limitations:	none.
   PR:		none.
   Originator:	ARM Ltd. */

/* { dg-do run } */
#include "ffitest.h"

typedef unsigned short T;

static void cls_ret_T_fn(ffi_cif* cif __UNUSED__, void* resp, void** args,
			 void* userdata __UNUSED__)
   *(ffi_arg *)resp = *(T *)args[0];

   printf("%d: %d %d\n", (int)(*(ffi_arg *)resp), *(T *)args[0], *(T *)args[1]);

typedef T (*cls_ret_T)(T, ...);

int main (void)
  ffi_cif cif;
  void *code;
  ffi_closure *pcl = ffi_closure_alloc(sizeof(ffi_closure), &code);
  ffi_type * cl_arg_types[3];
  T res;

  cl_arg_types[0] = &ffi_type_ushort;
  cl_arg_types[1] = &ffi_type_ushort;
  cl_arg_types[2] = NULL;

  /* Initialize the cif */
  CHECK(ffi_prep_cif_var(&cif, FFI_DEFAULT_ABI, 1, 2,
			 &ffi_type_ushort, cl_arg_types) == FFI_OK);

  CHECK(ffi_prep_closure_loc(pcl, &cif, cls_ret_T_fn, NULL, code)  == FFI_OK);
  res = ((((cls_ret_T)code)(67, 4)));
  /* { dg-output "67: 67 4" } */
  printf("res: %d\n", res);
  /* { dg-output "\nres: 67" } */
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