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 the final 3.2 maintenance release to be published before we apply them.
 Finally, I've been taking an active interest in Daniel Holth's work on the
-binary ``wheel`` format and related PEPs:
+binary ``wheel`` format and related PEPs (I am now the BDFL delegate with
+final approval rights over these PEPs):
 * :pep:`425` (binary compatibility tags)
 * :pep:`426` (updated package metadata format)
 * :pep:`422` (a simple class initialisation hook)
 * importlib based support for post-import hooks (see :pep:`369`)
 * `Python level buffer API`_ (based on the enhanced :class:`memoryview` in 3.3+)
+* `Multi-dimensional memoryview indexing and slicing`
 * `Fixing operand precedence`_ for sequences implemented in C
+* `Improved disassembly tools`
 .. _Bytes and Text Transform API:
 .. _Changing IO encodings:
 .. _Python level buffer API:
+.. _Multi-dimensional memoryview indexing and slicing:
 .. _Fixing operand precedence:
+.. _Improved disassembly tools:
 I think the first two items above will close a couple of important gaps in
 the Python 3 unicode support, while the third will resolve a regression in