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Post import hooks would be nice

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 * `Bytes and Text Transform API`_ (``codecs.encode`` and ``codecs.decode``)
 * `Changing IO encodings`_ (mostly for stdin/stdout/stderr)
 * :pep:`422` (a simple class initialisation hook)
+* importlib based support for post-import hooks (see :pep:`369`)
 * `Python level buffer API`_ (based on the enhanced :class:`memoryview` in 3.3+)
 * `Fixing operand precedence`_ for sequences implemented in C
 simpler to read, write and use. (I'm actually talking to someone about
 handing over the reins for PEP 422)
+Lazy loading of modules is something pretty much every large Python
+command line application reinvents in order to improve startup times. With
+``importlib`` now used as the basis for the import system, it would be good
+to take advantage of that to add a robust post-import hook mechanism.
 The others are miscellaneous gaps in language functionality and problems
 with CPython's implementation that aren't causing major dramas at the moment
 but would still be nice to clean up.
-However, they don't impact me directly the way the way the startup and test
+However, they don't impact me directly the way the startup and test
 suite issues do, so they drop a bit further down my personal priority list.