Cyan Audit

Cyan Audit is a PostgreSQL utility providing comprehensive and
easily-searchable logs of DML (INSERT/UPDATE/DELETE) activity in your database.

With Cyan Audit you can:

  • Log any table with a PK, regardless of schema.
  • Search logs by querying a simple view.
  • Toggle logging on a column-by-column basis using an easy config table.
  • Attribute every operation to a specific application user.
  • Label any operation with a human-readable description.
  • Back up and restore logs with confidence using supplied Perl scripts.
  • Rotate & drop old logs automatically using a supplied Perl script.
  • Keep years of logs online comfortably with automatic archival to your cheap tablespace.
  • Effectively "undo" any recorded transaction by playing its operations in reverse.
  • Save time with a design focused on ease of setup and maintenance.

Cyan Audit:

  • is written entirely in SQL and PL/pgSQL (except Perl cron scripts).
  • is Trigger-based.
  • supports PostgreSQL 9.6 and newer.
  • has been production tested since 2012.

For installation and usage instructions please see doc/