# Blitz Plane Blast Blitz Plane Blast is a side view dogfighting party game, developed in 2014-2015 as a school project at UOIT. It's written in C++, and it is based around my own custom game engine, BEngine. This repository is public primarily so I can show off my engine source code. Please see for more information about the game, including gameplay video and a download link. ## Dependencies If you wish to build the game yourself, you'll need Visual Studio 2013, Boost, and Inno Setup for the installer. Other than that all dependencies should be contained within the repository. ## Credits Lead Programmer / Engine Architect: [**Ben Whittaker**]( Gameplay Programmer: **Rob Edmonds** 3D Artist / Producer: [**Chantal Horan**]( 2D Artist: [**Rachel Fung**]( Designer: **Bishop Osborne** All rights reserved. If you wish to use BEngine or code from BEngine in your own project, please [contact me](