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# Makefile for utility work on Coverage.

	@echo "* No default action *"

TEST_ZIP = test/
TEST_EGG = test/eggsrc/dist/covtestegg1-0.0.0-py*.egg

	python test/ clean
	-rm -rf build coverage.egg-info dist htmlcov
	-rm -f *.pyd */*.pyd
	-rm -f *.so */*.so
	-rm -f *.pyc */*.pyc */*/*.pyc */*/*/*.pyc */*/*/*/*.pyc */*/*/*/*/*.pyc
	-rm -f *.pyo */*.pyo */*/*.pyo */*/*/*.pyo */*/*/*/*.pyo */*/*/*/*/*.pyo
	-rm -f *.bak */*.bak */*/*.bak */*/*/*.bak */*/*/*/*.bak */*/*/*/*/*.bak
	-rm -f *$$py.class */*$$py.class */*/*$$py.class */*/*/*$$py.class */*/*/*/*$$py.class */*/*/*/*/*$$py.class
	-rm -rf __pycache__ */__pycache__ */*/__pycache__ */*/*/__pycache__ */*/*/*/__pycache__ */*/*/*/*/__pycache__
	-rm -f coverage/*,cover
	-rm -f MANIFEST
	-rm -f .coverage .coverage.* coverage.xml
	-rm -f $(TEST_ZIP)
	-rm -rf test/eggsrc/build test/eggsrc/dist test/eggsrc/*.egg-info
	-rm -f setuptools-*.egg distribute-*.egg distribute-*.tar.gz
	-rm -rf doc/_build/*

LINTABLE = coverage test

	-pylint --rcfile=.pylintrc $(LINTABLE)
	python -m tabnanny $(LINTABLE)

	pep8 --filename=*.py --ignore=E401,E301 --repeat coverage

testready: testdata devinst

tests: testready

testdata: $(TEST_ZIP) $(TEST_EGG)
$(TEST_ZIP): test/
	zip -j $@ $+

$(TEST_EGG): test/eggsrc/ test/eggsrc/egg1/
	cd test/eggsrc; python -q bdist_egg

	python sdist --keep-temp --formats=gztar fixtar --owner=ned --group=coverage --clean
	python bdist_wininst

	python register

	python install

DEVINST_FILE = coverage.egg-info/PKG-INFO
devinst: $(DEVINST_FILE)
$(DEVINST_FILE): coverage/tracer.c
	-rm coverage/tracer.pyd
	python develop

	-rm -rf $(PYHOME)/lib/site-packages/coverage*
	-rm -rf $(PYHOME)/scripts/coverage*

SPHINXBUILD = sphinx-build
SPHINXOPTS = -a -E doc
WEBHOME = c:/ned/web/stellated/pages/code/coverage

	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b px $(SPHINXOPTS) doc/_build/px
	rm doc/_build/px/search.px
	python doc/_ext/ doc/_build/px/*.px

	$(SPHINXBUILD) -b html $(SPHINXOPTS) doc/_build/html
	@echo "Build finished. The HTML pages are in doc/_build/html."

publish: px
	rm -f $(WEBHOME)/*.px
	cp doc/_build/px/*.px $(WEBHOME)
	rm -f $(WEBHOME)/sample_html/*.*
	cp doc/sample_html/*.* $(WEBHOME)/sample_html

publishbeta: px
	rm -f $(WEBHOME)/beta/*.px
	mkdir -p $(WEBHOME)/beta
	cp doc/_build/px/*.px $(WEBHOME)/beta
	rm -f $(WEBHOME)/sample_html_beta/*.*
	mkdir -p $(WEBHOME)/sample_html_beta
	cp doc/sample_html_beta/*.* $(WEBHOME)/sample_html_beta
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