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* Release checklist

- Test on:
    - Windows
    - Ubuntu
    - Mac
    - Pythons 2.3, 2.4, 2.5, 2.6, 2.7, 3.1, 3.2, 3.3
- Version number in coverage/version.py
    - 3.1a1, 3.1b1, 3.1c1, 3.1
- Update CHANGES.txt, including release date.
- Update docstring in setup.py, including "New in x.y:"
- Update docs
    - Version, date, and changes in doc/changes.rst
    - Version and date in doc/index.rst
    - Version and copyright date in doc/conf.py
    - Version --version output in doc/install.rst
    - Generate new sample_html to get the latest, incl footer version number:
        python setup.py develop
        cd C:\ned\cog\trunk
        rmdir/s/q htmlcov
        coverage run --branch --source=cogapp -m cogapp.test_cogapp CogTestsInMemory
        coverage html
        - IF BETA:
            copy/y htmlcov\*.* C:\ned\coverage\trunk\doc\sample_html_beta
        - ELSE:
            copy/y htmlcov\*.* C:\ned\coverage\trunk\doc\sample_html
    - IF BETA:
        - Build and publish docs:
            $ make publishbeta
    - ELSE:
        - Build and publish docs:
            $ make publish
- Kits:
    - Source kit:
        - $ make kit
    - Windows .exe for each Python
        - $ tox -c tox_winkits.ini
- Update PyPi:
    - $ make pypi
    - upload the kits:
        - $ make kit_upload
        - $ tox -c tox_winkits.ini upload
        # note: this seems to try to upload each file twice, so you'll have a
        # successful upload, then a failure, but the file gets there.
    - Visit http://pypi.python.org/pypi?%3Aaction=pkg_edit&name=coverage :
        - show/hide the proper versions.
- Tag the tree
    - hg tag -m "Coverage 3.0.1" coverage-3.0.1
- Update nedbatchelder.com
    - Edit webfaction.htaccess to make sure the proper versions are mapped to /beta
    - Blog post?
- Update bitbucket:
    - Issue tracker should get new version number in picker.
    # Note: don't delete old version numbers: it marks changes on the tickets
    # with that number.
- Announce on coveragepy-announce@googlegroups.com .
- Announce on TIP.
- Ask Christophe Zwerschke (cito@online.de) to build win64 kits.

* Building

- Install fixtar on any Windows Python used to make source kits: http://bitbucket.org/ned/fixtar
- Create PythonXX\Lib\distutils\distutils.cfg::
    compiler = mingw32

* Testing

- Testing of Python code is handled by tox.
    - Create a virtualenv
    - install tox into it
    - activate the virtualenv
    - $ tox

- For complete coverage testing:

    $ make metacov

    This will run coverage under its own measurement.  You can do this in
    different environments (Linux vs. Windows, for example), then copy the
    data files (.coverage.meta.*) to one machine for combination and
    reporting.  To combine and report:

    $ make metahtml

- For testing on Python <= 2.4:

    - Set up the Python as your current python, probably with a virtualenv.
    - $ . ./test_old.sh

- To run the Javascript tests:

    open tests/js/index.html in variety of browsers.