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Can't just run 'python' in a subprocess from 3.x, since it doesn't install as 'python'.

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         Returns the process' stdout text.
+        # Running Python subprocesses can be tricky.  Use the real name of our
+        # own executable.  So "python" might get executed as
+        # "python3.3".  This is important because Python 3.x doesn't
+        # install as "python", so you might get a Python 2 executable instead
+        # if you don't use the executable's basename.
+        if cmd.startswith("python "):
+            cmd = os.path.basename(sys.executable) + cmd[6:]
         _, output = self.run_command_status(cmd)
         return output


             raise SkipTest(
                 "Can't test subprocess pth file suppport during metacoverage"
         # Main will run
         self.make_file("", """\
-            import os
-            os.system("python")
+            import os, os.path, sys
+            ex = os.path.basename(sys.executable)
+            os.system(ex + "")
         # will write a few lines.
         self.make_file("", """\
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