Ned Batchelder committed 1aee3cc

Remove debug printf of calls to should_trace: it's only called when I thought it was being called.

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     int depth;
     // Filenames to record at each level, or NULL if not recording.
     PyObject * tracenames[300];
-    IFDEBUG(int nshould;)
 } Tracer;
 static int
     self->should_trace_cache = NULL;
     self->started = 0;
     self->depth = -1;
-    IFDEBUG(self->nshould = 0;)
     return 0;
         tracename = PyDict_GetItem(self->should_trace_cache, filename);
         if (tracename == NULL) {
             // We've never considered this file before.  Ask should_trace about it.
-            IFDEBUG(self->nshould++;)
             PyObject * args = Py_BuildValue("(O)", filename);
             tracename = PyObject_Call(self->should_trace, args, NULL);
         PyEval_SetTrace(NULL, NULL);
         self->started = 0;
-    IFDEBUG(printf("nshould=%d\n", self->nshould);)
     return Py_BuildValue("");
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