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A way to run tests on 2.3 and 2.4

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 - For complete coverage testing:
-    $ COVERAGE_COVERAGE=yes tox
-    $ python combine_html
+    $ make metacov
+    This will run coverage under its own measurement.  You can do this in
+    different environments (Linux vs. Windows, for example), then copy the
+    data files (.coverage.meta.*) to one machine for combination and
+    reporting.  To combine and report:
+    $ make metahtml
+- For testing on Python <= 2.4:
+    - Set up the Python as your current python, probably with a virtualenv.
+    - $ . ./
 - To run the Javascript tests:
+# Steps to prepare and run tests, for Pythons < 2.5
+# This should do the same steps as tox.ini
+easy_install nose==1.2.1 mock==0.6.0
+python --quiet clean develop
+python zip_mods install_egg remove_extension 
+python test_with_tracer py
+python --quiet build_ext --inplace
+python test_with_tracer c
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