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Stanislaw Pitucha  committed 23990e4

Fix 'make clean' for a clean environment

In a completely clean environment running 'make clean' will fail due to
test/backtest.py not being in the import path.

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 	-rm -f *.pyd */*.pyd
 	-rm -f *.so */*.so
-	python test/test_farm.py clean
+	PYTHONPATH=. python test/test_farm.py clean
 	-rm -rf build coverage.egg-info dist htmlcov
 	-rm -f *.pyc */*.pyc */*/*.pyc */*/*/*.pyc */*/*/*/*.pyc */*/*/*/*/*.pyc
 	-rm -f *.pyo */*.pyo */*/*.pyo */*/*/*.pyo */*/*/*/*.pyo */*/*/*/*/*.pyo