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Need a new tox-based way to upload kits to pypi

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 # Kitting
+SDIST_CMD = python sdist --keep-temp --formats=gztar fixtar --owner=ned --group=coverage --clean
-	python sdist --keep-temp --formats=gztar fixtar --owner=ned --group=coverage --clean
+	$(SDIST_CMD) upload
 	python register
 - Update PyPi:
     - $ make pypi
     - upload the kits:
-        - $ allkits.cmd upload
+        - $ make kit_upload
+        - $ tox -c tox_winkits.ini upload
         # note: this seems to try to upload each file twice, so you'll have a
         # successful upload, then a failure, but the file gets there.
     - Visit :
 commands = 
-    {envpython} bdist_wininst
+    {envpython} bdist_wininst {posargs}
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