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Use the nice way to reverse a list.

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         return lst
+# Python 2.3 doesn't have `reversed`.
+    reversed = reversed
+except NameError:
+    def reversed(iterable):
+        """A 2.3-compatible implementation of `reversed`."""
+        lst = list(iterable)
+        return lst[::-1]
 # rpartition is new in 2.5

File coverage/parser.py

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 from coverage.backward import set, sorted, StringIO # pylint: disable=W0622
 from coverage.backward import open_source, range    # pylint: disable=W0622
+from coverage.backward import reversed              # pylint: disable=W0622
 from coverage.bytecode import ByteCodes, CodeObjects
 from coverage.misc import nice_pair, expensive, join_regex
 from coverage.misc import CoverageException, NoSource, NotPython
         Uses co_lnotab described in Python/compile.c to map byte offsets to
         line numbers.  Produces a sequence: (b0, l0), (b1, l1), ...
+        Only byte offsets that correspond to line numbers are included in the
+        results.
         # Adapted from dis.py in the standard library.
         byte_increments = self._lnotab_increments(self.code.co_lnotab[0::2])
         # The list of chunks so far, and the one we're working on.
         chunks = []
         chunk = None
+        # A dict mapping byte offsets of line starts to the line numbers.
         bytes_lines_map = dict(self._bytes_lines())
         # The block stack: loops and try blocks get pushed here for the
                 # For the finally clause we need to find the closest exception
                 # block, and use its jump target as an exit.
-                for iblock in range(len(block_stack)-1, -1, -1):
-                    if block_stack[iblock][0] in OPS_EXCEPT_BLOCKS:
-                        chunk.exits.add(block_stack[iblock][1])
+                for block in reversed(block_stack):
+                    if block[0] in OPS_EXCEPT_BLOCKS:
+                        chunk.exits.add(block[1])
             if bc.op == OP_COMPARE_OP and bc.arg == COMPARE_EXCEPTION:
                 # This is an except clause.  We want to overlook the next