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Pretty soon I'll be able to use generator expressions...

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     def binary_bytes(byte_values):
         """Produce a byte string with the ints from `byte_values`."""
-        return "".join(chr(b) for b in byte_values)
+        return "".join([chr(b) for b in byte_values])
     def byte_to_int(byte_value):
         """Turn an element of a bytes object into an int."""

File coverage/

         # starts is the entrances to the chunks
         starts = set([ch.byte for ch in chunks])
         for ch in chunks:
-            assert all((ex in starts or ex < 0) for ex in ch.exits)
+            assert all([(ex in starts or ex < 0) for ex in ch.exits])
     def _arcs(self):
         """Find the executable arcs in the code.