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Minor style tweaks

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             # Q: can we get info about the number of times a statement is
             # executed?  If so, that should be recorded here.
-            xline.setAttribute("hits", str(int(not line in analysis.missing)))
+            xline.setAttribute("hits", str(int(line not in analysis.missing)))
             if self.arcs:
                 if line in branch_stats:
 class ApiTest(CoverageTest):
     """Api-oriented tests for Coverage."""
-    def clean_files(self, files, *pats):
+    def clean_files(self, files, pats):
         """Remove names matching `pats` from `files`, a list of filenames."""
         good = []
         for f in files:
     def listdir(self, where):
         """Like os.listdir, but exclude files we don't care about."""
         files = os.listdir(where)
-        return self.clean_files(files, "*.pyc", "__pycache__")
+        return self.clean_files(files, ["*.pyc", "__pycache__"])
     def test_unexecuted_file(self):
         cov = coverage.coverage()
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