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igor wasn't checking the eol in igor

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     """Install the egg1 egg for tests."""
     # I am pretty certain there are easier ways to install eggs...
     # pylint: disable=F0401,E0611,E1101
-    import distutils.core       
+    import distutils.core
     cur_dir = os.getcwd()
     distutils.core.run_setup("", ["--quiet", "bdist_egg"])
     check_files("test", ["*,cover"], trail_white=False)
     check_files("test/js", ["*.js", "*.html"])
+    check_file("")
     check_files("doc", ["*.rst"])
     check_files(".", ["*.txt"])
 def main(args):
     """Main command-line execution for igor.
     Verbs are taken from the command line, and extra words taken as directed
     by the arguments needed by the handler.