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Work harder to find where the coverage code actually is, so we can avoid counting it. WIP #74.

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             # we've imported, and take all the different ones.
             for m in (atexit, os, random, socket):
                 if hasattr(m, "__file__"):
-                    m_dir = self._canonical_dir(m.__file__)
+                    m_dir = self._canonical_dir(m)
                     if m_dir not in self.pylib_dirs:
         # Set the reporting precision.
-    def _canonical_dir(self, f):
-        """Return the canonical directory of the file `f`."""
-        return os.path.split(self.file_locator.canonical_filename(f))[0]
+    def _canonical_dir(self, morf):
+        """Return the canonical directory of the module or file `morf`."""
+        return os.path.split(CodeUnit(morf, self.file_locator).filename)[0]
     def _source_for_file(self, filename):
         """Return the source file for `filename`."""