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Luckily, tools are getting better at supporting Py3

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 * Building
-- Install fixtar on any Python used to make source kits:
+- Install fixtar on any Windows Python used to make source kits:
 - Create PythonXX\Lib\distutils\distutils.cfg::
     compiler = mingw32
 - On Py 2.x: need setuptools installed
 - On Py 3.x: need Distribute installed
 - Need nose installed
-    - nose for py 2.x
-    - nose3 for py 3.x
-        - copy Scripts\nosetest3.exe to Scripts\nosetests.exe
-        - copy Scripts\ to Scripts\
 - Need to have coverage dev-installed
 - In each Python installation to be used, create a "coverage_test_egg.pth"