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Finish the paperwork on Julian's patch.

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 Marc Abramowitz
 Chris Adams
 Geoff Bache
+Julian Berman
 Titus Brown
 Brett Cannon
 Pablo Carballo
 - Files encoded as UTF-8 with a BOM are now properly handled, fixing
   `issue 179`_.  Thanks, Pablo Carballo.
+- Fixed more cases of non-Python files being reported as Python source, and
+  then not being able to parse them as Python.  Closes `issue 82` (again).
+  Thanks, Julian Berman.
 - Try to do a better job of the impossible task of detecting when we can't
   build the C extension, fixing `issue 183`_.
 - Testing is now done with `tox`_.
+.. _issue 82:
 .. _issue 179:
 .. _issue 183:
 .. _tox:

File coverage/

         except tokenize.TokenError:

File test/

         have been raised when writing the HTML report.
         source = "exec compile('', '', 'exec') in {'__file__' : 'liar.html'}"
         self.make_file("", source)
         self.make_file("liar.html", "{# Whoops, not python code #}")