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Turns out issue #142 was fixed a long time ago.

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   of the execution environment weren't the same as for
   ``python -m <modulename>``.  This had the unfortunate side-effect of making
   ``coverage run -m unittest discover`` not work if you had tests in a
-  directory named "test".  This fixes `issue 155`_.
+  directory named "test".  This fixes `issue 155`_ and `issue 142`_.
 - Now the exit status of your product code is properly used as the process
   status when running ``python -m coverage run ...``.  Thanks, JT Olds.
   the C tracer function, closing `issue 166`_.
 .. _issue 82:
+.. _issue 142:
 .. _issue 155:
 .. _issue 157:
 .. _issue 166: