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Silence the last of the pylint warnings.

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     # Use the C extension code when we can, for speed.
-    from coverage.tracer import CTracer
+    from coverage.tracer import CTracer         # pylint: disable=F0401,E0611
 except ImportError:
     # Couldn't import the C extension, maybe it isn't built.
     if os.getenv('COVERAGE_TEST_TRACER') == 'c':


             # Give all the chunks a length.
-            chunks[-1].length = bc.next_offset - chunks[-1].byte
+            chunks[-1].length = bc.next_offset - chunks[-1].byte # pylint: disable=W0631,C0301
             for i in range(len(chunks)-1):
                 chunks[i].length = chunks[i+1].byte - chunks[i].byte
                         # No chunk for this byte!
                         raise Exception("Couldn't find chunk @ %d" % byte)
-                    byte_chunks[byte] = ch
+                    byte_chunks[byte] = ch          # pylint: disable=W0631
                 if ch.line:


     $ make lint
     pylint --rcfile=.pylintrc coverage test
-    ************* Module coverage.collector
-    F0401:  7,4: Unable to import 'coverage.tracer'
-    E0611:  7,4: No name 'tracer' in module 'coverage'
-    ************* Module coverage.parser
-    W0631:532,32:ByteParser._split_into_chunks: Using possibly undefined loop variable 'bc'
-    W0631:579,40:ByteParser._arcs: Using possibly undefined loop variable 'ch'
-    make: [lint] Error 7 (ignored)
     python -m tabnanny coverage test
     python check_eol
-As you can see, a few warnings persist, don't worry about them.  But clean up
-any ones you may be responsible for.
+The source is pylint-clean, even if it's because there are pragmas quieting
+some warnings.  Please try to keep it that way, but don't let pylint warnings
+keep you from sending patches.  I can clean them up.