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File test/

 HTML_DIR = "htmlcov"
 def run_tests_with_coverage():
+    """Run the test suite with coverage measuring itself."""
     import coverage
     tracer = os.environ.get('COVERAGE_TEST_TRACER', 'c')
     for name, mod in modules:
         if name.startswith('coverage'):
             if hasattr(mod, '__file__') and mod.__file__.startswith(covdir):
-                    covmods[name] = mod
-                    del sys.modules[name]
+                covmods[name] = mod
+                del sys.modules[name]
     import coverage     # don't warn about re-import: pylint: disable-msg=W0404
 def report_on_combined_files():
+    """Combine all the .coverage files and make an HTML report."""
     if os.path.exists(HTML_DIR):
     cov.exclude("if __name__ == .__main__.:")
     cov.exclude("raise AssertionError")
-    cov.html_report(directory=HTML_DIR, ignore_errors=True, omit_prefixes=["mock"])
+    cov.html_report(
+        directory=HTML_DIR, ignore_errors=True, omit_prefixes=["mock"]
+        )